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Player Registration

Welcome to the Fall 2019 Registration with Alvin Girls Softball Association!

AGSA has moved to a new system for our website and registration services which is managed through Sports Engine. We anticipate that your experience will be much better with SE overall. The features and functions  that are available include; the new look and layout of our Website, improved Registration & Team Setup, Game & Tournament Scheduling features as well as the Sports Engine Mobile App which is packed with features and much more. This change will require some initial setup but once that is done, it is done. 


Before continuing to the registration form, we need to ensure that your Sports Engine account profile is completely filled out and is in the name of the primary adult that will manage access for the family.  The following information should help everyone understand how to setup the SE Account. It is critical that these steps are followed to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the features that are in use, as well as information that will be sent out by the Team Coaching Staff and the board of directors. The contact information that you input into your SE account profile is linked directly to receiving system notifications, communication via email and text messages, team chat functions, notification when there are practice and game schedule changes and the mobile app functionality. 


You will be able to grant access to any other parent/guardian/adult family members associated with the player(s) being registered. You will be able to provide these additional family members access once you have completed your SE profile and registered your player(s). Success in this regard will grant everyone in your family access to the team info and chat features, practice & game schedule, scores, uploaded pictures etc. Player(s) are registered under the primary account profile/login and will automatically be added under the primary adult's profile with a separate player profile. Please do not create the primary account profile/login with a child's name and email, use only the adult name and email etc.


The create account only asks for a little bit of info to get you started then sends a validation email. Once you get that and are logged in, you will be able to access your profile and settings to update the other information and add other family members so that they are able to log in to the system also. One of the first things that you should do is to add your mobile number (for the primary adult). To add your mobile phone number follow the steps below and be sure to check your email for the validation code required to complete that process. Each individual that you add to your account will be able to do this to add their mobile onto their profile 

To access your account profile and update your info/settings please follow these steps. Start by logging into your account on the Alvin Girls Softball Association website from the home page. On your first login session after creating the account, a box should come up asking you to join Alvin Girls Softball Association, click the "Join" button to connect your SE Account with AGSA's site. Next look to the top of the page for a pull down menu with your first and last name next to the arrow or your initials in a small circle/bubble at the top right corner of the page. Your browser and the device that you are using will dictate which of these will be displayed to you.

  •  If you find your name across the top bar of the page, click on the arrow then click "settings" on the menu.
  • If you find the circle/bubble with your initials at the top right corner, click on the bubble then click "settings" on the menu.

Once you are on the "settings" page and find the "add mobile phone" option. Click on "add mobile phone" which will lead you through the verification code process; enter your mobile number and submit to get the text message with your validation code. Be sure to enter the code before moving on to something else. Once you have that completed, please continue with your player registration. 

Next let's go to your profile and fill in your information there.  When you click on your name a menu will open, click on the gray picture of a person next to your name on the menu. This will bring you to your profile page where you can edit all of your information. Click on the gray pencil in the right corner to take you to the page where you can edit the details. Fill in the information on this page and be sure to save the changes. Next click on the small bubble in the upper right corner of the page that has your initials in it and click on the settings button on the menu. This will bring you to a page that displays Account Information. Click "Add Mobile Phone" and follow the on-screen instructions. Adding and verifying your mobile number is how you enable your account to receive text messages etc and  gain access to the Mobile App features for your child's team. 


Once you have updated your profile and settings, please continue with your player registration(s) using the link at the top of this page. Please contact a member of the AGSA Board of Directors if you require any assistance with accessing and using this site and it's features. 


The Registration "Player Registration" is not currently available.